Mini Muffins & Donut Fail

It’s my husband’s birthday week so we gettin’ crazy up in herre! I’m making two of his favorites from my recent baking extravaganza, this time with a twist. First I’m miniaturizing the Pumpkin Banana Nut Muffins recipe, using these great silicon mini muffin molds I found on Amazon (similar here). I made the recipe, sameContinue reading “Mini Muffins & Donut Fail”

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Bread Muffins

What’s better than Banana Bread? Chocolate Banana Bread… and what’s better than Chocolate Banana Bread? Chocolate HAZELNUT Banana Bread… perfect for all of Nutella fans out there!  Although you can easily find some healthier Banana Bread recipes online, I figured since this was my first I was going to go big or go home! Let me tellContinue reading “Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Bread Muffins”